2020 – Some go, others come

During this strange year 2020, a natural ‘reshuffle’ of customers has occurred. Some go, others come. The latter category includes GLOBALLY COOL, a dynamic group of experts who help entrepreneurs overseas to sell their products to the European market.

In alphabetic order, the current list of 10 key business partners is now as follows, all leading companies in their segments:

  • Amiad : automatic self-cleaning disc filters (amiad.com)
  • Autonational : filament winding technology for composites (autonational.com)
  • DMT-ET : upgrading of biogás into green gas (dmt-et.com)
  • Globally Cool : accelerate international business (globallycool.nl)
  • Green ID : international business for green ideas (greenidnl.com)
  • Kiwa : certification, inspection, testing and training (kiwa.com)
  • meuResiduo : IT plafform for waste management (meuresiduo.com)
  • OD Security : body scanners for security purposes (odsecurity.com)
  • Van Amerongen : CA technology for fruit storage (van-amerongen.com)
  • Verderis : bioenergy from wood (residues or from reforestation).
Kaart Frisia


Always wanted to know why we called our company Frisia? Frisia is one of the 12 provinces that together form The Netherlands, Tjitte was born there and it is easy to pronounce. If you´re interested in knowing more about the history of the ‘Frisians’, I can recommend the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxIN_fpJWzY A brave story!



Updating our website with news items is not our strongest side, as can be deduced from the timeline below. However, we think it is important to inform that over the past years our strategy has gradually changed. Rather than servicing all, we try to service some, in different sectors. Lately, Frisia has developed into a partner for the following companies:


New website FrisiaLtda

In May 2015, it was exactly 10 year ago that we started with Frisia International Business Development. Time for a new website!

We can look back on 10 exciting years, full of valuable experiences, for which we are grateful to our clients and partners. With the accumulated experience we can even better support your organization, with market surveys, business missions, partner search and the development of your import, export or investment trajectories.

Frisia’s focus is on Agribusiness, Climate & Energy, Renewable Energies, Industry, Logistics and IT. But also other sectors can be considered, as the main function of Frisia is to bridge the gap between Europe and Brazil.