2020 – Some go, others come

During this strange year 2020, a natural ‘reshuffle’ of customers has occurred. Some go, others come. The latter category includes GLOBALLY COOL, a dynamic group of experts who help entrepreneurs overseas to sell their products to the European market.

In alphabetic order, the current list of 10 key business partners is now as follows, all leading companies in their segments:

  • Amiad : automatic self-cleaning disc filters (amiad.com)
  • Autonational : filament winding technology for composites (autonational.com)
  • DMT-ET : upgrading of biogás into green gas (dmt-et.com)
  • Globally Cool : accelerate international business (globallycool.nl)
  • Green ID : international business for green ideas (greenidnl.com)
  • Kiwa : certification, inspection, testing and training (kiwa.com)
  • meuResiduo : IT plafform for waste management (meuresiduo.com)
  • OD Security : body scanners for security purposes (odsecurity.com)
  • Van Amerongen : CA technology for fruit storage (van-amerongen.com)
  • Verderis : bioenergy from wood (residues or from reforestation).
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