Frisia can offer:


    Market studies can be carried at general level (for sectors organizations or governments) or for individual clients. You have a heard a lot about the potential market, but what real opportunities does it offer? Who are the main players, how do they act? What are the rules of the market? How can you make part of it? Apart from figures, the report offers you an advice with concrete steps to take.


    One of the (recommended) possibilities to enter a new market is through cooperation with local companies. Understanding the needs of the clients, as well as the particularities of the new market, we will select a number of potential business partners (profile, market position, eagerness etc.). We then can accompany our client to visit the selected candidates. Before taking the final decision, we suggest to execute an official due diligence. Finally, we can advice in the contract phase and support the relationship in future.


    During previous jobs we have built up experience in the organisation of business missions. These can be individual and collective, sector driven or multi-sector, from Europe to South America or the other way around.


    In order to incentive international cooperation of works, governmental organisations (e.g. national governments, European Commision or World Bank) may have funds at their disposal, which can be very interesting for companies can get things started. However, many companies lack the time to fulfill the procedures. Frisia can suggest such opportunities to the client and take care of the whole process, including project proposal, procedures and, when selected, project management.

  • MANAGEMENT CONSULTACY (strategy, organization)

    Thanks to our wide, international experience in various sectors and with innumerous companies, we feel comfortable to act as your sparring partner when it comes to organizational and strategic issues. Strategic partner search and M&A related activities may be part of this scope.

You can contract FrisiaLtda either on project basis or on a continuous, part time basis. Might projects go beyond our immediate capacity, we will be able to cooperate with other professionals in our network. We will discuss this with you before doing so, always guaranteeing maximum confidentiality.

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